"Jennifer needs to perform in order to survive-that doesn't go away with time. She is a phenomenon on stage as a singing actress. She's "got the stuff" and the fact that "powers that be" sometimes need time to wake up to it, doesn't change the fact that this girl has got it!"

                                                                                        -Dr. Stanley Irwin, DePauw University

"Jennifer is a most talented actor, with great heart, wonderful instincts-and one amazing voice! She has been an incredible addition to our cast, and I hope we will be working together again in the future."

                                                    -Dan Posthuma, Producer and President of Blue Gate Musicals 

"Jennifer has a remarkable range and ability to sing in a multitude of styles, from opera to show tunes to jazz to pop. This budding superstar has wowed audiences with her voice, charisma and power!!"

                                                  -Daniel Weiser, Founder and Artistic Director of Amici Music

"Jennifer Smith has got the goods! Great voice, wonderful stage presence, and she is very funny. I have worked with Jennifer on a number of projects and she always delivers with charm and charisma. I love working with her and look forward to seeing this enormous talent continue to entertain and uplift."

                                                                                      -Richard Eugene, Director/Performer

​"Jennifer has a remarkable talent and can sing everything from grand opera to musical comedy with equal style, voice quality and presence. Her intelligence and sense of humor infuse her performances with unforgettable style and grace. She is a wonder to watch and always brings the house down! I never miss a local performance!"

                                                                                               -Bill Heuermann, from Asheville, NC




"I have had the great pleasure to work with Jennifer on a few occasions. SO TALENTED. That voice is a powerful instrument and her acting is so spot on. I offered her a job this summer...but DARN, she already signed another contract!"

                                                                                    -Erin Peck, Artistic Director of Miracle Productions




"Jennifer, we really enjoyed "Half-Stitched" yesterday afternoon with our good friends Wanda and Richard Brunstetter. By the way, you were an absolute "hoot"..... Knowing the characters from Wanda's book, you played the part of Pam Johnston (with a " T ") "PERFECTLY". Great chemistry with your stage husband, Stuart, too. You had us rolling in the aisles! Thank you!"

                                                                                                  -Phil and Diane Allen, from Pennsylvania




"Jennifer has the kind of sincerity and openness that will carry her very far in this industry. Talent alone is out there everywhere…but to have that additional “optional" gift of charisma, humility and grace that she has is not so common."

                                                                                    -Annie Flanigan Clements, from Asheville, NC 


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