Jennifer Smith as Molly Glick
Home Game Opener
Jennifer Smith as Marsha
"You did this, Stuart?"
Original Cast of "The Home Game"
Jennifer Smith as Sadie Miller
"It's Just That Simple"
"I Ain't Just Bakin' This Stuff Up"
"Amish Girl Who Can't Cook"
Mennonite Girls Can Cook
Cast of Josiah for President, 2016
"I Wanna Cry"
Jennifer Smith as Rosalinda
"I love tinsel..."
Quilting Circle
"It's not that pretty..."
Rose Maybud in G&S's Ruddigore
"...This is the Song We Sing"
Mother and Father God
2015 Half-Stitched Cast
Orpheus in the Underworld
"I Heard the Bells..."
Abduction of Figaro
"One Day More"
"I won't be called the First.."
"I Feel Pretty"
Abduction of Figaro
Mark and Cindy Stedman
"Our Christmas Dinner"
Jennifer Smith as Cosette
Die Fledermaus
"I woke up from a curious dream..."
Recording Studio
Die Fledermaus
"What is Home?"
Les Miserables, 2003
West Side Story
"When love comes so strong..."
Children of Eden
Abduction of Figaro
Original Cast of Half-Stitched
The Johnstons
"Common Thread"
Half-Stitched Cast and Production
Pennsylvania Cast with Wanda
Half-Stitched Cast, 2013
"I was talking about this class..."
Having fun in the studio!
Cast of Confession
Cast of The Confession, 2012

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